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Contemporary Circus Artist

Specalised in Hand-to-hand (flyer), Chinese Pole and Hairhanging

Coming from Middle-South of Germany


Full- length Shows // Duo Acts // Solo Acts
Costumized Acts // Workshops  // Masterclasses  // and more...

Chinese Pole

Chinese Pole is fun and painfull, but if you treat the pole well, she will also treat you well.

Friedi doesn't like to do just one thing: "I guess i would get bored other wise and i get new and different inspiration from doing different disciplines"

So one of her most favourite things she fell in love with in the circus was the Chinese Pole. Starting in her youth circus Waldoni in Darmstadt (DE) with her best friend, she continued it during her 4years circus education in Codarts (NL). Here she likes dynamics, combinations and works solo as well as in duo.
A unique combination got created by her: Chinese Pole in combination with Hair Hanging.


Defining a different way of Hand to Hand, Friedi likes to work with dynamics, emotions and especally joy.
Being thrown around, combining high quality dynamic tricks and emotions is her specality.

Standing on her head on somebody is her favourite static position, in which  stories, discussions or other things can be talked about while standing and training.

With her Hand-to-hand act "The hair in my face" she succesfully graduated together with Wilko Schütz from Codarts Circus Arts in June 2017.
After graduation she works now in different compagies in Duo and in Trio as a flyer. See more action in the videos at chapter: Acts



Hair Hanging is an unique circus discipline which is probably originated in china and got presented for the first time in the beginning of the 20th century in south america.

Unfortunately it is a very rare performed circus discipline in the world, but at the moment celebrate it's come back into the circus world.

For defining hair hanging in her own new way, Friedi created a unique combination between hair hanging and chinese pole. Her work has been seen already during the "Production of the year" winning production"Ting" by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (NL), "Camouflage" by Captain Sugar & the monkey puppets and ofcourse in her Solo "My horse and me"

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