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Full-length Shows

Full- length shows by the compagnies I am part of or shows which were done in cooperation with other compagnies.
For bookings and questions don't hesistate to contact me via the contact formular or the compagnie directly...

Captain Sugar & the monkey puppets
Full-length show for all ages (5+), no language, 1h

‘Camouflage’ tells the story of the comfortable life of a small, colorful society in an isolated microcosm of a living room. Their daily routine seems to work like a well-oiled machine – until suddenly a stranger appears in their world. With a mindset of his own the newcomer sets in motion a series of events that leaves no hat unturned.

Captain Sugar and the monkey puppets mix physical theatre with high-class circus skills in an energetic and playful family show which takes the audience on a humorous journey through questions about identity, belonging and community.

Froya Collective with "Insection"
Full-length show for all ages (5+), no language, 1h
- Premier plannned for Spring/Summer 2021

"Insection " is the first creation of Froya Collective, which was founded in 2019
The show is inspired by the live and death of the insects and shows the beauty and darkness of the world of this small animals.

The premier is moved to 2021. Due to the pandemic it is very difficult to rehearse with our international artists and it is not possible to set a concrete premier date yet. A work in progress will be shown in Darmstadt, Germany in February 2021.

The premier is planned in Hessen, Germany later in the year.

More info:

Company Xir
"Im Strom"
Full-length show for all ages (5+), german, 1h

Previous Shows

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (NL)
"Ting!" 2016+2018
Full-length show (Hand-to-hand, Chinese Pole and Hairhanging)
Collectiv Pourquois Pas
"La volonté des cuisses" 2019
Full-length outdoor/street show for all ages (5+)
Rudi Renner & UliK
"Robo Show" 2018
Full-length show out of 3 acts
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