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Friederike Kohring
Mail: friedi.kohring@t-online.de

Tel.: +49 160 6283407

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Acts (for full-length videos of the acts, please contact me via the contact formular)

"My horse and me!"

Unique combination of chinese pole and hair hanging by horse Max and Friedi

-Comedy act about the relationship of Max and Friedi, combined with nice/ scarry hairhanging and cool chinese pole

Full length video "My horse and me" - for password please contact me


Duo chinese pole by Lea (company lesmatdames) and Friedi

-Epic spider act about the fight and  transformation from animalistic creature to women

Duo Hand-to-hand Act "Alone" with Charlie Hession

Contemporary Circus Act were I got to replace the flyer during Dave's Wintervarieté in Rotterdam. More work with this act is coming...

Hairhanging "Breeze"

Solo act Hairhanging around the chinese pole. Calm and beautiful picture about the feeling of being able to fly.

"The hair in my face"

Duo Partneracrobatic Act of Wilko and Friedi

-Graduation Act of Codarts Hogeschool in summer 2017

Full video of graduation act - 2017