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Friedi & Tom

Tom and Friedi developed a new Hand-to-hand Act during the Corona Pandemie. They created and performed already in 2014 together in a project during Friedi's education in Codarts. Now they finally had the time to train and create their own  Act together.
Since we like movement and dynamics, we created an Act on what we like and worked on the last months. At the moment we are still finetunning on the act, but performed it already in different locations. For example for the online Varieté by Axel Schiehl in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (DE).

Full video available on request.


Thanks here to the support by our teacher: Chris Murawski (former acrobat for the german and polish national acrobatic team) and our outside eyes: Lucie and Marius Pollmann.

The Act is made for Varieté, Festivals, Gala and Dinnershows.


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